The Encer to Oncological Treatment Fatigue

The world’s first clinically proven homeopathic remedy for oncological patients seeking relief from cancer related fatigue

You don't have to suffer these

You don't have to suffer these

Daily tasks that were once simple now feel overwhelming.

You sleep 10 hours and still wake up like you didn't sleep at all.

You want to make the most of your time, but you feel exhausted.

how Encer will improve your life

Encer helps improve the quality of your sleep, so you wake up feeling rested and refreshed.*

Encer boosts your daily energy levels, allowing you to stay active and make the most of your day.*

Encer enhances both physical and mental stamina, making everyday activities more manageable and less tiring.*

*Based on patients experience

Ready to reclaim your vitality?

homeopathy: Stimulates your body’s self-healing powers

Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that uses small amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body’s healing processes. Homeopathy is a safe and effective method used worldwide for centuries. Learn more about the powerful ingredients that compose Encer’s 5-in-1 remedy below:

Encer’s ingredients are carefully selected for their proven benefits used in homeopathy for their natural healing properties. Encer is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

Cadmium sulphuratum

Helps with nausea and vomiting often associated with chemotherapy, and reduces extreme fatigue and exhaustion

Carbo animalis

Supports energy levels and reduces feelings of physical weakness and exhaustion.

Phosphoricum acidum

Enhances mental clarity and alleviates fatigue and apathy, helping you feel more alert and focused.

Radium bromatum

Supports overall stamina and resilience, helping to mitigate the physical toll of treatments.


Contributes to maintaining a balanced and robust energy system, supporting overall well-being during recovery.

Encer’s ingredients are carefully selected for their proven benefits used in homeopathy for their natural healing properties. Encer is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the United States.

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60 TABLETS per package / 300 mg each

Dimension for 1 Pack 3.012 in * 1.757 in * 4.519 in

Chew one tablet and allow to dissolve in the mouth for 1 minute before swallowing. Repeat 6 hours after the first dose.
  • Must not be taken 10 minutes before or after eating.
  • Must not be taken within 6 hours of bedtime.
  • May be taken during conventional cancer treatment and for 12 weeks after the end of treatment.
  • Use may be continued for as long as fatigue related to radiation lasts.

What Encer users have to say

I’ve been on a two-year journey with breast cancer, and I’ve just begun incorporating ENCER into my routine. Prior to ENCER, I always feel like my body doesn’t have enough energy throughout the day, and by 3PM, I already feel the need to go to bed. As a fitness professional, maintaining high energy levels to support others is crucial for me, that’s why I’m thrilled to see ENCER making a difference. The most remarkable change is the abundant energy I feel each morning, which sustains me throughout the entire day. I’m starting to recapture the essence of who I was before cancer and the transformation has been astounding.
Shortly after my cancer diagnosis, I started chemotherapy that came with symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite,(and) fatigue. I was very tired, but couldn’t sleep at night. When I do (sleep), I always wake up feeling dizzy and tired. There are a lot of things that I want to do, but even the most basic things take a lot of my energy. Then I found out about Encer, and in just two weeks after I started using it, my symptoms were already reduced and I finally got a good night’s sleep and had energy during the day.Because of Encer, I have a lot of things that I look forward to. So grateful Encer came into my life.
John Doe
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As an oncologic nurse, I hold a unique perspective – and based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the homeopathic remedy I received during my radiation therapy. If I had to choose one thing that constantly stood out to me, it’s that remarkably my energy levels remained constant, despite the daily two-hour commute to the hospital for cancer treatments. Anticipating a decline in my condition, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it never occurred and I completed the treatment with the same energy and stamina I started (with), all thanks to Encer’s ability to give me energy to keep going.
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Having teenage kids that need me, my low energy levels due to my intense cancer treatment left me exhausted and with minimum ability to function. After learning about Encer, I started to notice small changes that became a big deal: my appearance changed, I looked less “gray” and my skin was more full of life. My schedule has changed. From sleeping all day, I found myself skipping nap time and even taking a walk on the beach. It’s not only me that was feeling the change – my family and friends noticed a change in my energy and stamina right away. What made the difference was Encer, and I feel lucky to be able to use it throughout one of the hardest times of my life. It’s giving me power to push forward.

Prof. Merav Ben Ari has a message for you

Encer TO FAQs

Encer is a homeopathic medicine treating Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) a common and problematic side-effect of cancer treatment affecting over 70% of all oncologic patients, during treatment and post-recovery. Encer provides energy and improves fatigue, leading to a better overall quality of life for patients in different stages of cancer battle and recovery.

Homeopathic medicines are generally considered safe when used as directed. They are non-toxic and have no known adverse interactions with conventional cancer treatments.

The duration for experiencing improvements in fatigue symptoms can vary among individuals. Some may notice changes within a few weeks, while others may take longer. Patience is essential, as the body’s response to homeopathic remedies differs for each person.

Based on clinical research and the studies it relies on, Encer does not have interactions or contraindications with the medications on oncological treatments.

Absoulutely, It’s the first and only research-based over the counter medicine fighting cancer fatigue.

Yes, Encer contains sugar.

Yes, Encer is kosher and halal.

Delivery takes a maximum of 7 business days but usually arrives much faster.

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